Well-being Non-profit Resources

When resources and support for wellbeing is available and shared with others, it is then possible for people to move toward their highest God inspired vision. Get the well-being non-profit resources you need to live a happier, healthier life.


Well-Being Non-Profit Resources and Support

support for well-being

Support Group

Sign up for our weekly support group.  This support group offering both spiritaul inspiration and the solutions to help you physically, emotionally and financially to create your Highest Vision aligned with God’s highest plan for your life.



Our sharing community is constantly researching and adding new programs to help you and others achieve the best health and well-being.  Non-profit resources are needed worldwide. Learn more about one that is a well-being winner with quality health and life changing products.

spiritual support


Prayer requests open the way for spiritual support and connection to a higher power and get the comfort, guidance and healing needed. Prayers can bring us increased sense of peace, comfort, and hope in difficult times.  Request a prayer for help and strength and receive God’s comfort.

sharing economy

Economic Projects

With a sharing economy mindset, people open the possibility for helping themselves, their family and humanity. Fundraising for your cause and highest purpose is our mission.  Connect with us to learn how to partner with us to support you through innovative and humanitarian companies. 


Blog Inspiration

Inspiring information will help all aspects of your well-being. Blog articles are written to help you on many levels. Self-help tips, fun quizzes and educational tips for well-being are just some of the topics covered. New innovative topics are covered to help you live a healthier, happier life. 

Wealth resources


In collaboration with our SHARING partner, affordable credit restoration and other innovative fund raising project are available to help you on your path for funding your life, your cause and purpose. Find our more by clicking the link and visiting our partner page. 

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