Crypto DeFi Projects Give Hope to the Marginalized


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Decentralized technology has been gaining popularity due to its potential to provide transparency, security, and autonomy. One of the most significant impacts decentralized technology now offers the world is its ability to empower marginalized communities.

Humanitarian Projects


In this article, we will explore a one-of-a-kind project development plan that is leading the charge to set the pace for DeFi humanitarian projects to help the marginalized worldwide. In fact, these projects are is not just helping the marginalized but also people from all walks of life.

Centralized Systems

Capitalism and the centralized banking and financial systems and the technology developed around it has historically fostered a culture which has excluded marginalized communities from getting ahead and even making ends meet.

These systems push people into debt and tend to take advantage of the marginalized. Many people have found it difficult to eek out a living and rise above the exploitation and greed of the curent corporate culture and credit systems worldwide.

Centralized debt systems


For example, traditional banking systems often require a physical address and credit history, making it difficult for those without those resources to access financial services.  The lending institutions have required high credit scores to loan money while simultaneously making it difficult to earn the money to pay off debt.

Those who are unhealthy or unlucky to get a terminal illness are further ostracized and exploited and many end up homeless. The current system seems like a no win situation for many people.  They become lost, hopeless and many times get depressed and turn to drugs or thoughts of suicide.

centralized systems

Similarly, healthcare in the United States and some other countries is expensive and sometimes inaccessible, leaving many underserved communities without adequate medical care. These issues are not limited to undeveloped countries, either. In the United States the situation for the marginalized is getting worse each year. In developing nations, the centralized technology credit and banking systems has unfortunately affected the marginalized negatively in many ways as well.

For example, in countries where land ownership is not formalized, it can be challenging for farmers to secure loans to purchase equipment or improve their land. This lack of access to capital can perpetuate poverty and inequality.

Decentralized Systems

Decentralized technology has risen to the occasion as a potential solution for empowerment.  It is providing many worldwide with access to essential resources, services they have not had access to before. It is empowering marginalized communities, nations and societies.

For example, with the the merging of Web 2.0 with Web 3.0 technology, new financial systems and innovative programs have been developed and are continuing to foster development for the purpose of being more inclusive and decentralized to serve those in need in a humanitarian way.

decentralized systems

The advent of blockchain technology has enabled most any businesses model to adapt and integrate into a modernized decentralization technology system.  People now have access to opportunities due to this innovation they have never had access to previously.

People now may choose to participate in business opportunities and ownership they never dreamt they could be a part of before and make money online without needing a physical address, bank account or credit history.

This has empowered the marginalized worldwide who were previously excluded from the traditional banking systems. They now have access to financial services to survive and make money. Similarly, decentralized technology can be used to improve access to healthcare.

Decentralized technology has many benefits for marginalized communities. One of the most significant benefits for the marginalized is the potential to provide access to essential resources and services to them.

crypto defi projects

These progressive and one-of-a-kind humanitarian projects feature revolutionary crypto DeFi opportunities for the disenfranchised.

New innovative solutions are bring created by companies with revolutionary ideas and technology to create a more equitable and inclusive future for anyone open minded enough and able to participate.

The only prerequisites people need to participate and get involved are a smart phone and a positive, open minded attitude as well as be coachable and willing to share the information with other people.

DeFi Humanitarian Initiatives

There are many new and exciting humanitarian projects and initiatives developing innovative decentralized technology systems which may be used by the marginalized to empower their lives and communities.

One example is the United Nations World Food Program’s Building Blocks project. This project uses blockchain technology to provide food assistance to refugees in Jordan.

By using blockchain technology, the project can provide refugees with food assistance without the need for cash or vouchers, which can be difficult to access. Another example is the BitGive Foundation’s GiveTrack project. GiveTrack is a platform that uses decentralized technology in charitable giving.

It is now well known that blockchain technology is on a permanent ledger. This now allows donors to track their donations. Blockchain ledgers provide the benefit of increased transparency and accountability, which has not been as possible to monitor with centralized systems.

Humanitarian Projects

Similarly, Highest Vision Solutions and their channel partner SHARING is serving in humanitarian missions and effor to introduce and share innovative DeFi projects that help people worldwide.

humanitarian world sharing

We have partnered with SHARING, which is an acronym for sending hope and rebuilding in to national goals.   SHARING is a 508 (c)1a humanitarian on-profit organization with humanitarian goals and projects.  SHARING has four pillars of support to share with humanity.  These pillars relate to helping humanity physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually introducing, sharing and teaching about decentralized projects that help humanity.

Highest Vision Solutions is an ambassador with SHARING and we are aligned with the same humanitarian mission, also sharing these same humanitarian decentralized projects.

Here are only a few examples of the humanitarian projects SHARING has started bringing to the world.  The projects help take the burden away from governments and teaching a new way of co-working with each other to solve community and worldwide problems.

sharing humanitarian water project

  • Projects to provide clean water to the world.
  • Projects to provide tiny homes and home ownership.
  • Meals on wheels projects for those in need.
  • Insurance projects to help the uninsurable and self-employed.
  • Financial literacy coaching Zoom calls and a variety of workshops.

These following projects highlight only a small portion of the opportunities Highest Vision Solutions has to offer as a result of partnering with SHARING, as SHARING ambassadors. Contact us in the form below or by email to learn more about attending a Zoom call to learn more about these incredible forward looking humanitarian companies and how you may get involved..

sharing ambassador

These are projects we have been introduced to from SHARING and in turn, we share them with humanity as a channel partner.

We extend the invitation to you if you are interested in doing any of these things to improve your life situation and wellbeing.

Wellness projects
Passive income opportunity
humanitarian projects
eco friendly project

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