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Highest Vision Outreach is a 508 (c)(1)(a) spiritual humanitarian group.  It has a humanitarian mission to support community and worldwide humanitarian causes.

It’s main mission is to inspire and uplift others toward their highest God inspired vision, believing we are all co-creators with God.

Our Mission

The mission of Highest Vision Outreach is a humanitarian focus, believing we all have the potential to be co-creators with God; Inspiring people to see and discover their highest vision for their life. In our online Zoom sessions a platform is offered to others with resorces for increased well-being. We partner with other community and non-profit organiations to help advance and support humanitarian causes and projects.



Find motivation and guidance to help you on your journey to success and accomplishment.  Our mission is to provide the necessary tools and positive energy to help you reach your personal goals and create a life of fulfillment. Subscribe and start your journey towards the highest vision of your life!

the marginalized in the united states

May 23, 2023

Crypto DeFi Projects Give Hope to the Marginalized

Crypto DeFi Projects Give Hope to the Marginalized   Decentralized technology has been gaining popularity due to its potential to provide transparency, security, and autonomy. One of the most significant impacts decentralized technology now offers the world is its ability to empower...

Passive income opportunity

Mar 12, 2023

Earn Residual Income with this Passive Income Opportunity Space Game

This passive Income Opportunity is a Game Changer Are you looking for a unique, fun and exciting way to make money online? If so, you need to know about this futuristic space game passive income opportunity. Get free education, support and collaboration to earn passive income and acquire assets...

Visualize gods work

Feb 25, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Spirituality to Create the Life You Envision

  Spirituality and being a co-Creator with God Takes place when one focuses on leading a spiritual life and moves toward an understanding of that means. Then ones chooses to be a co-creator with God and attempts to understand ones relationship to the infinite cause of all that is.  God is...

connect with god

Jan 24, 2023

7 Ways to Connect with God & Transform Your Life

Have you been searching for a way to connect with God?   Do you yearn to know how to hear the inner voice of God, receiving direction and guidance from the source of your soul? This article is meant to encourage and inspire you to learn and identify ways you benefit from reaching out to God....

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Hope, encouragement and resources are desperately needed everywhere. Highest Vision Outreach has a weekly Zoom support meeting. Reach out and let us know you would like to attend and we will send the details. 

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